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EDM producers in the world

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EDM producers in the world

EDM producers in the world

EDM producers in the world

One of the best going EDM producers in the world these days is Trap Nation, as discussed. Trap Nation currently has 30 million subscribers on YouTube and has uploaded more than 2100 videos with more than 12 billion views as of now. The numbers are huge for a channel that joined YouTube in 2012.
 The channel is owned and operated by a guy named Andre who developed electronic music’s subgenre trap. He covers a variety of music types including remakes of older popular songs, title songs of games and so on.
 Some of his tunes are just that, tunes but they are still very much listened too and liked by a lot people. Despite having no lyrics, the tunes make you want to come on the dance floor and start moving your body.
 The logo of Trap Nation has become its identity and is a huge success amongst its viewers and all the fand of EDM music across the globe.
 The most viewed video on YouTube by Trap Nation is the Illenium Remix version of Don’t let me down song by the Chainsmokers with 495 million views.

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